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 Federal Agencies and Information
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobaco, Firearms & Explosives
Chemical Safety Board
Code of Federal Regulations
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Federal Emergency Management Agency
National Instutute of Standards and Technology
     NIST Fire on the Web
     Fire Modeling Programs
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
     Fire Dynamics Tools
Occupantion Safety and Health Administration
     1910 General Industry
     1926 Construction     
US Fire Administration
    National Fire Academy
Reports and Papers
 America Burning
 Bureau of Mines Explosibility of Metal Powders
 Urban Conflagrations (Shields)
 Combustible Dust Video Links
 Karl Popper's Quantum Ghost
 Cable Fire at Brown's Ferry
 SFPE Fire Service Considerations
 U.S. Experience with Sprinklers
Accidents and Investigations
 NRC - Browns Ferry NUREG-0500
 CSB - Hoeganaes Metal Dust Flash Fire (2011)
 CSB - CTA Combustible Dust Fire (2003)
 CSB - West Dust Explosion (2003)
 CSB - Hayes Aluminum Dust Explosion (2003)
 CSB - Imperial Sugar Explosion (2008)
 SFPE - Browns Ferry Plant Fire
Underground Piping Documents
 Reliability of Pipelines Subject to Corrosion
 Report to Congress - Water Supply for Urban Areas
 Report to Congress - Urban Water Distribution Funding
 GAO NRC Buried Pipes
 CNRC Structural Deterioration of Water Mains
 CNRC Structural Deterioration of Water Mains - Models
 O'Day - Organizing Leak and Break Data
 Estimating Remaining Service Life Iron Pipes
 Economic Analysis of Water Main Breaks
 Using Water Main Break Data to Improve Asset Management

TN Valley Society of Fire Protection Engineers

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TVSFPE is a local chapter of SFPE.

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